Property Sales

Due Diligence

Real estate projects, especially when the properties are based in a different country, require rigid due diligence in order to guarantee that no details are overlooked and no risks are taken. In fact, in our fragile and turbulent markets, due diligence is no longer a ponderable, but almost a statutory necessity.

At Global Boulevard "we did not know" is not admissible and totally unaccepted. As a vigilant, responsible and law abiding company, we always conduct objective due diligence prior to formalizing business partnerships. As our client you can rest assured that before offering you a new property, it has been checked, analyzed, visited and investigated. After all, in an environment where information is either too scarce or too difficult to access, the property's due diligence is the basis of informed, successful decisions.

Tailored Properties

Investing in global real estate property involves many financial, legal, professional and personal considerations. It requires in-depth knowledge in many local real estate markets, strong local relations and extensive experience.

Matching our many resources, properties and competencies with the specific needs and demands of each one of our clients is one of the main advantages that places our company as a leader in its field. At Global Boulevard we will listen first to your specific investment requirements, carefully study your needs and only then offer you the right property.

Full Service Lifecycle

Global Boulevard works very closely with its clients, from inception to full project completion. From the identification of the right property that suits your needs, to post deal closure, our devoted team will take care of every single service, request, problem or change.

Our clients know that at Global Boulevard our services do not end the moment the property has been sold. We're always prepared and ready to assist our clients with aftersales services, from providing furniture packs, to rental and property management.