Financing Arrangements

From acquisition to structuring all the aspects of development and financing, our specialized partners will convey the best payment plans for your property purchase process. They are all skilled in negotiating and documenting complex transactions, placing our company at the forefront of the global real estate marketplace.

Global Boulevard represents clients in a wide array of real estate development and purchase projects throughout the world. Today, many property owners, investors and developers rely on us to manage all the aspects of the financing plans related to their projects. Our payment plans are strategically designed, so they can generate the most competitive returns on investment for our clients.

The acquisition of real estate property often requires innovative and complex financial arrangements with public and/or private institutions, developers and banks. Global Boulevard's local strategic partnerships are highly specialized in structuring and reviewing traditional, as well as nontraditional financing packages, including equity participation loans, international mortgages, taxable and tax-exempt bond financing, tax increment financing and other sophisticated techniques.